Monday, 14 March 2011

Big IMA Awards Events Pictures 2011

Big IMA Awards Events Pictures 2011 in india,mumbai on friday march 11.few glimpses
of her stage act is presented for you.

Latest Teenage boy Hairstyles

Teenage Boy Hairstyles
Our great forefathers would roll over in their graves if they saw what their great, grandchildren doing their hair in this day and age, but thankfully times have changed and there are no taboos when it comes to a Teen Guys hairstyle.This open for a variety of options. Longer hair on a teenage boy is more widely accepted than in previous years and therefore has access to multiple styles emo or shaggy style that frames the face.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

7 Ways to Save Money on Salon

7 Ways to Save Money on Salon
You've probably been spending more moolah than you can afford during the monthly / biweekly style beauty fix.
Stick agenda:
If you have gone to the salon to get her arms and legs waxed, get out immediately. No one listens to talk about brown skin, and how a clean-up/facial would make you a glow worm, how a hair spa would bring back the shine to dry, frizzy hair ...

Do not buy products blindly:
you are often informed about the benefits of hair mousse X or Y lotion during a feel-good massage or pedicure.

Prep at home:
Now why would anyone want to crane their necks in umcomfy sinks for a quick hair shampoo / conditioning session - the same pools where hundreds of other lazy heads have thrown her hair?

Being net savvy:
There are quite a few sites that offer big discounts these days - as much as 95% off! Register yourself on their mailing list and get the most out of your campaigns.

Bills at a discount salon:
If only a hair trim you are looking for, why not try one of the lounges, which seems to have exploded all over the place? Save comprehensive and complex styles and treatments to your regular hangout.

Get membership:
But if you're a loyal, that is not too comfortable with the idea of ​​unknown salons, join the place you regularly frequent.

Do not go. Period:
Have one of your near and dear to pamper yourself with a massage - preferably your romantic partner.

Modern Style For Saree Designs

Modern Style Saree Designs-
Designer Saree in New Modern Style.In all these pictures all models and actors look pretty, because everyone is wearing so beautiful sarees.

People who belong to the fashion world knows "Saree" is a very famous and useful ladies dress in India and Bangladesh and some areas of Pakistan. Lakshmipati is well known for its design and material things, and their design is one of the best saree design in the world. Let's take a quick look at all these design Lakshmipati Year 2011-12 Collection of printed Sarees.This is an incredible design of printed party wear saree, comprises the design of large flowers in multicolor tones with beautiful branches are colored foliage that looks amazing and awesome.

All these sarees are fancy, but cheaper. Color scheme of all these sarees is indeed in accordance with features of the wedding. Design is simple and beautiful with many different styles and blouse outfit. Some of these fancy sarees also as embroidery and ribbon work looks amazing.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Latest Churidar Pajama Designs & Pics

Churidar Pajama & Farak
The traditional Churidar Pajama tied with a nara waist. The special thing about them is that they are longer than legs.The payjamis of churidar suits can be categorized in two forms, namely Aligarhi (Straight) fits, Lucknawi (total folds) fit.Their extremes are crinkled and crumpled to fit. Folder developed similar 'churis'eller bangles, hence the name churidars. A churidar is a perfect accompaniment for long kurta and sherwanis. They is exquisitely designed to match up with the mood and expectations.