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Estee Lauder Perfectionist CP+ Correcting Serum Wrinkle Cream Review

Estee Lauder has been in the fore front of beauty products for over 60 years. Today, Estee Lauder is still continuing to develop its skincare line with a team of leading chemists across the country. Its skin care line is arguably the most developed in their loads of cosmetics and perfume. A 1 ounce jar of Estee Lauder Perfectionist costs about $ 55.00.

Estee Lauder Perfectionist CP + Correcting Serum ingredients

Estee Lauder Perfectionist CP + uses active ingredients like collagen and peptides. Unlike other wrinkle creams that use unproven ingredients, this product contains a proven formula to reduce wrinkles. Peptides have also been recently discovered in delivering the best results for collagen production. They work like Botox, except that they can be used anywhere on the face. Because you can target each wrinkle on your face, peptides turn out to be a safer and more effective methods to reduce and prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

Estee lauder Perfectionist CP+ further enhances the power of peptides with its triple enzyme technology. Peptides work to relax facial tensions which lead to wrinkles. The triple enzyme technology helps peptides penetrate even to the most prominent wrinkles.

Estee Lauder Perfectionist CP+ : our evaluation

The Estee Lauder Perfectionist correcting serum for Lines/Wrinkles/Age Spots is highly recommended for reducing and preventing wrinkles. This product passes the test. This product contains proven ingredients which work. In considering a product's effectiveness its very important to see whether ingredients are backed up by scientific evidence.

How to use Estee Lauder Perfectionist CP+

Cleanse and dry face. Apply the serum onto face and throat. Use Estee Lauder Perfectionist CP+ before applying your moisturizer and makeup. Concentrate on areas with deepest wrinkles.

Hot Tools Nano Ceramic Wax Core Professional 20 Piece Hairsetter Review

It helps maintain roller heat while in use providing longer-lasting, soft, shiny curls. Hot Tools Nano Ceramic Wax Core Professional Hairsetter features Wax-Core heating technology that releases heat slowly and evenly.

  • Wax-Core heating technology
  • Nano Ceramic technology radiates far-infrared heat which is gentler to the hair.
  • 20 velvet-flocked rollers: 6 large 1-1/4" rollers create loose curls & volume, 10 medium 1" rollers create smaller curls and
  • Cool-Touch® roller ends for easy handling
  • Built-in clip storage compartment with cover - no loose clips!
  • Locking lid with handle for convenient storage and travel
  • waves, 4 small ¾" rollers create tighter curls and ringlets
  • Ready dot changes color once optimal temperature is reached
  • 20 color-coded metal clips in 3 sizes hold rollers securely in place
  • On / off switch with LED "ON" indicator light
  • One-year warranty

Satin Smooth Professional Double Warmer Hair Removal Waxing Product Review

The products are formulated with the finest ingredients and enriched with natural vitamins and minerals for maximum hair removal with minimum discomfort, leaving your skin silky and smooth. Satin Smooth continues to offer superior products with state-of-the-art equipment for professional and personal care business.

  • Professional Double Wax Warmer
  • 14 oz. Honey Wax with Vitamin E
  • 14 oz. Deluxe Cream Wax
  • 40 assorted size wooden applicators for face and body
  • 40 assorted size muslin and non-woven cloth strips
  • 16 oz. Satin Cleanser® pre-depilatory cleanser
  • 16 oz. Satin Hydrate® post-depilatory lotion
  • 16 oz. Satin Cool® post-depilatory cooling gel
  • 16 oz. Satin Release® post-depilatory calming oil
  • 4 protective collars
  • Wax clamp and secure fitted cover
  • Professional Waxing DVD complete with Step-by-Step Techniques

Jerome Russell's Punky Hair Color Review


  • Colors that condition and shine. Last longer on chemically treated or bleached hair.
  • Punky Color will give a highlighted effect when used on darker hair. No peroxide required.
  • Europes latest colors created by David Jerome for bleached and chemically treated hair.

Use Vaseline or baby oil around hairline and ears. Use rubber gloves. Comb through. Leave for about 15 minutes and rinse. Apply the color evenly from roots to ends with a Jerome Russell tint brush. The color will disappear with each shampoo and lasts for 3-6 weeks.For best results bleach hair first, and not the state.

Anti wrinkle skin care ingredients Hydrolic Acid Review

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is found in human connective tissue, the function of which is to cushion and lubricate. Presumably, its moisturizing and humectant effects are the key to its presence in these parts of the body. It is most concentrated in the joints, heart valves and eyes.

Is hyaluronic acid an effective anti wrinkle ingredient?

Hyaluronic acid not only works as a moisturizer, it also seems to speed the rejuvenation of damaged skin cells. Our only question is, why don't more anti wrinkle products include it? There are very few ingredients that hold as much promise as hyaluronic acid.

What does hyaluronic acid do?

Hyaluronic acid is primarily used as a moisturizing agent. Hyaluronic acid seems to prevent scarring, as well. Because of its ability to "latch onto" huge numbers of water molecules and bring them into the cells of the skin, it is an extremely effective moisturizer. It is a known fact that fetuses do not scar and this is thought to be due to the extremely high levels of hyaluronic acid in the amniotic fluid. Doctors routinely make use of medications containing hyaluronic acid to treat premature wrinkling, scarring and even to assist in the healing process.

Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream Review

Dermalogica ingredients

Dermalogica Skin Care pride in developing products that do not contain irritants such as alcohol, artificial colors and artificial fragrances. Antioxidants such as grape seed extract, vitamins A, C and E prevent damage caused by free radicals. Your Skin Smoothing Cream contains ingredients such as silk amino acids, in Mallow, Cucumber, Arnica and aloe to moisturize and improve skin condition.

Although this cream claims to prevent wrinkles, it contains no ingredients to increase collagen production.Restoring collagen means less wrinkles and firmer skin. As your skin ages, it seems the level of collagen production to slow, wrinkles and sagging skin. But Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream is mainly based on grape seed extract, an ingredient that is clinically tested to have a significant effect.

Dermalogica : our evaluation

Although Dermalogica products pride themselves in ingredients they exclude, they should work on developing ingredients they should include. Consumers looking to firm skin and reduce wrinkles should look for advanced ingredients such as palmitoyl pentapeptide-3 and acetyl hexapeptide-3. Key ingredients such as collagen and peptides are essential in reducing and preventing wrinkles.

How to use Dermalogica

Apply a moderate amount of Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream to face and neck. Clean and dry the face.

How does Dermalogica compare?

All information is accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication. Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream are trademarks of Dermalogica Inc.

Replexion Skin Care Cream Review

Replexion ingredients

Acetyl Hexapeptide-3, Palmitoyl pentapeptide-3 and Palmitoyl Oligopeptide. The combination works quickly, producing results in as little as three weeks. The combination of these three peptides creates a powerful synergy that rapidly smooths away fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and eyes. This ingredient has been shown to help repair stretch marks, which corresponds to wrinkles in that they have an error in the skin's collagen-producing layers. The short-term effect of this ingredient is a plumping up the skin and a corresponding decrease in fine lines and wrinkles.

Does Replexion work?

Replexion is an excellent formula that works well. The Replexion formula is one of the most advanced and effective on the market today, and worth the price. Not only is the powerful and proven ingredients that are included in Replexion formula, the cream works pretty quickly. Replexion comes in a 1 ounce tub that retails for $ 99.95.

How to use Replexion

Massage a pea-sized drop Replexion cream into the skin of the face. Replexion is a concentrated formula, so use it sparingly. Clean the skin of the face and pat dry. As the formula penetrates the skin, a warm tingling sensation occurs.

Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron Review

The Solia 1 ¼ "apartments are equipped with Dynamic Alignment System to ensure perfect contact between your hair and plates. Kiss bad hair days goodbye! now available in classic black, pink, red and purple versions. It provides even heat distribution for true silky fur . Its ceramic / tourmaline ion technology will generate gentle far infrared heat and extra negative ions to create perfectly frizz free hair without heat damage.

The extra negative ions along with gentle far-infrared heat guarantee soft, smooth, frizz-free silky straight hair without heat damage. The plate pair self-adjust to provide perfect contact between your hair and plates, eliminating the harmful "hot spots " and "pressure points " so that the Solia can work through the hair smoothly without pulling.

Product Features:

  • Versatile: This iron will straighten, bend, flip, spiral and curl hair.
  • Variable Temperature Control : Works with all hair types.
  • 1-1/4 inch plate width, the most popular size: wide enough for any hair length and hair types, yet narrow enough for bangs.
  • Wet to dry: can be used on damp or dry hair
  • Ceramic/Tourmaline Ion plates give a shinier, silkier result than regular ceramic flat iron in lesser time.
  • Ceramic/Tourmaline Ion plates emits up to 6 times more negative ion.
  • Heating plates wrap around edge for easy finishing touches!
  • Ceramic heater with autosense? technology provides instant even heat.
  • Contoured easy grip handles.
  • Two years limited warranty.


  • Plug the appliance into a wall outlet
  • Iron will be ready for use when light begins blinking
  • Set desired temperature and turn switch to ON
  • Unplug appliance immediately after use
  • Light will turn off if you lower temperature, and then will begin blinking when ready for use again

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Diane Von Furstenberg Runway Images 2011

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2011 Diane Von Furstenberg Runway.

Jessica Alba New Style Cover Shoot

The family was fresh from a holiday in France, and Honor proudly showed off a large French vocabulary Alba coach her to roll "s'il vous merge" and "merci" for the crew. Actress gravitated towards a Miu Miu blouse printed and press shorts and a hot pink Z spoke at the Zac Posen dress. Pink gold watch with sapphires and embossed rubber strap, Hublot, price on request, call 800-536-0636. I would curl lashes every five minutes if I could, "admits Alba's makeup artist, Jeannie Robin Gillette.

Jaime Fashion Show Images 2011

Increase Sexual leather vest, $ 4650, a scarf-print silk blouse, $ 990, both at Etro Etro, Las Vegas, Silver-and-stone rings, silver buckle belt, all, Vicki Turbeville, prices on request, visit Beaded bracelets, Luis Morais, price on request, call 305-695-2830. Stretch satin twill pants, Burberry Prorsum, $ 695, at Burberry stores nationwide.

Fusion Fashion Show 2011 - Fit Vs Parsons Competition

The relentlessly creative runway showdown between the best two fashion schools in the country, propelled by Fusion lovers for eleven years and counting. We broke records with this year's application turn out at both schools--we'd like to thank everyone who applied for Fusion 2011!

About Fusion

Fusion Fashion Show is an annual competition between the Fashion Institute of Technology and Parsons The New School for Design is the brightest young talents. The show has grown exponentially the last eleven years, brings together a worldwide following of fans. Our former judge panel includes some of the most prestigious names in the industry and Fusion grows, more and more influential people stepped in to inspire and support the next generation of fashion's elite.

2011 Show Info

Awards are given out as follows:

  • Fusion Award #1 - Saturday afternoon
  • Fusion Award #2 - Saturday evening
  • Designer's Designer - Saturday night
  • Best Overall school - Sunday evening
  • Best Designer from each school - Sunday evening


We are always eternally grateful for the presence of true fashionistas and influentials who take their time to judge our show. Richie Rich of Heatherette, Sarah Hartshorne of America's Next Top Model, Nole Marin of America's Next Top Model & ELLE Magazine, Zang Toi, Cynthia Rowley, Robert Verdi, and many more. They support young designers and are part of the energy that makes Fusion so amazing.



  • Lesley Ho
  • Athan Mytilinaios
  • Leonid Batekhin
  • Daniella Hyo Jin Shin
  • Jonathan Fast
  • Anna Lesassier
  • Sealgi Song
  • Kyungmin Kim
  • Victoria Hayes
  • Nicole Lindner
  • Meghan Spielman
  • Michael Joobo Shim
  • Yajie Li
  • Andres Caballero
  • Julien Archer


  • Corey Apploff
  • Danielle Ridarick
  • Josh Stevens
  • Woohyun Jang
  • Grace Lee
  • Edwin Mohney
  • Anna Skala
  • Michael Maiello
  • Alexa Wright
  • Maggie McGowan
  • Bora Nam
  • Julia Filemyr
  • Wonki Lee
  • Daniel Silverstain
  • Catherine Quirk

2011 Staff

  1. Director - James Ramey
  2. Parsons Coordinator - Samuel Joseph Donovan
  3. Assistant Director - Michelle Christina Larsen
  4. F.I.T. Coordinator - Chilali Mouradian Fernandez
  5. PR & Coordinators at Large - Taylor Pratt & Brittney Phebus

Past Winners

Past winners of the Best Designer Award:

  • 2010 | FIT - Mackenzie Sam, Parsons - Nathan Green
  • 2009 | FIT - Marc Sebastian Faiella, Parsons - Eunsol Ansley Lee
  • 2008 | FIT - Sawa Takai, Parsons - Samantha Hyman
  • 2007 | FIT - Madalyn Conforti, Parsons - Atsuko Yagi
  • 2006 | FIT - Kosuke Okawa, Parsons - Rachel Nachmias
  • 2005 | FIT - Motoomi Baba, Parsons - Jennifer Sims
  • 2004 | FIT - Miguel Martinez, Parsons - Wells Stellberger
  • 2003 | FIT - Nick Putninski, Parsons - Tara Turner
  • 2002 | FIT - Fred Bodner, Parsons - Andrea Marshall
  • 2001 | FIT - Candyland Team, Parsons - Jane Choi
  • 2000 | FIT - Jon Vang, Parsons - Prabal Gurung

Past winners of Best Overall School:

  • 2010 - Fashion Institute of Technology
  • 2009 - Parsons The New School for Design
  • 2008 - Fashion Institute Of Technology
  • 2007 - Fashion Institute Of Technology
  • 2006 - Parsons The New School for Design
  • 2005 - Fashion Institute Of Technology
  • 2004 - Parsons The New School for Design
  • 2003 - Fashion Institute Of Technology
  • 2002 - Parsons The New School for Design
  • 2001 - Parsons The New School for Design
  • 2000 - Parsons The New School for Design


Fusion is always looking for sponsors to help us expand our vision.

Director's Blog

Contact The Fusion 2010 Staff

If you go to FIT or Parsons, you should contact your school's coordinator. Questions, comments, requests for us to stop stalking you on Facebook? Just drop one of the Fusion 2010 staff members a line. Sponsorship questions should all be sent to our director, while website-related questions should be sent to our webmaster.

D and G Fashion Show 2011